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Flea Treatments for Dogs

Most dogs will have fleas at some point in their life. Fleas are easily spread between animals as they can jump large distances. The main symptoms that your dog has fleas will be that they are scratching themselves a lot. Examine your dog carefully, looking underneath their fur. It can be easiest to spot the fleas on a dog’s abdomen, as fleas seem to like this area.

Fleas can be more prevalent in warmer weather. There are four stages in the life cycle of the flea: egg, lava, pupa and adult. The life cycle can take up to six months, so it is very important to carry on with a treatment program after your dog appears to be free of fleas. The female fleas can lay many eggs in their lifetime, so your house can become infested quickly. Fleas are very hardy, so you will need to do all you can to eliminate and prevent them.

Fleas will also bite humans and will cause itching. Fleas will result in itching and discomfort for your dog, but have the potential to cause much more harm to dogs. Fleas can cause skin allergies, and they also can carry tapeworm eggs. In severe cases fleas can lead to anaemia.

Flea Collars

Flea collars work by deterring fleas. They are easy to use, although you will need to ensure that you purchase the correct size collar for your dog. The collars are usually waterproof and so can be worn in all weather. As the collar works from the neck area outwards, you may need to check that no fleas are occurring on the parts of your dog’s body furthest from the neck. This may be a problem for larger dogs.

Topical Flea Treatments

Topical flea treatments, or spot on treatments, are liquid flea treatments. The treatment is applied by placing a few drops between the dog’s shoulder blades, as this is an area that the dog cannot reach to lick. It is important to read the instructions provided for this product, and use the correct dose for your dog according to their weight and size. Topical flea treatments usually contain an insecticide called an adulticide. As the name suggests, the adulticides kill fleas in their adult stage of life. The treatment will kill fleas very quickly, and will act as a preventative for between one and three months.

Flea Spray

Flea spray is sprayed directly onto the dog’s body. It will kill fleas on contact. Most of the sprays work by killing adult stage fleas and acting as a deterrent.

Flea Tablets

There are tablets that are available without prescription for the treatment of fleas. The tablets start working very quickly and should kill the fleas within 24 hours.

Flea Shampoo

Flea shampoo will rid your dog of any fleas that are present. Depending on the ingredients of the shampoo, it will work by either washing the fleas off or by both killing and washing off the fleas. The shampoo will last for a few days. When using flea shampoo it is best to start by washing the dog’s head and then working your way down as fleas will always try to escape to higher ground. You will need to wash your dog’s coat thoroughly, and use a flea comb as you wash. Once you have finished washing your dog, inspect them for signs of remaining fleas and repeat the wash if necessary.

Flea Combs

Flea combs will remove fleas, larvae and eggs from your dog, although the comb may not remove all of them. As the fleas are not killed there is a risk that they may find their way back onto your dog. Therefore it is not advisable to comb your dog inside your house.

Flea Powder

Flea powder is easy to use but it is no longer popular as it can cause dry skin in dogs.

If you treat your dog for fleas it is important to remember to treat the whole house. This means that you will need to treat every pet for fleas at the same time. You must also vacuum your house and wash your dog’s bedding. Fleas are a very common pest, and they can be difficult to eliminate. Finding a flea treatment that suits you and your dog, and using preventative measures are the best way to ensure that your dog stays free of fleas.

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